Chris Lefteri Design Ltd is in a unique position to bridge the gap between the material industries and the design community. We are designers through to the bone, but we are equally passionate about getting our hands dirty with materials – the kind of passion that will drive Chris Lefteri to write nine hugely successful books on the subject and travel across the world to give talks and design exhibitions to get the point across.


Designers often deal with materials with a ‘let’s worry about that later’-attitude. We firmly believe that in order to come up with innovative solutions it’s an absolute must to think about materials right from the beginning of projects. So why doesn’t that happen more often? We don’t think it’s for lack of interest, but rather a lack of good resources to help designers use materials creatively.


Designers are in a position to specify materials and make decisions about production, and yet they are often overlooked as customers. We have one foot in both worlds and we will use that expertise to help you communicate creatively with designers. We are under no illusions – the bottom line here is to sell your products. We work with a wide range of international clients to help them reach new markets for their products. Perhaps you should too.